Unscrambling Eggs: My Journey With God
Book One 

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                                         "Only God Can Unscramble An Egg"

    Throughout my life I have had, like all of us, many choices to make that has determined which direction that my life would go.  I can now say, that I didn't always make the right ones.  As a matter of fact, I can pretty much say that I made the majority of the "wrong" ones.  

    As I look back on my life I can see the results of "me" very clearly.  It was a mess.  A very BIG mess.  "I" didn't do a very good job it seemed, the first half of my life.  Yes, there were and are huge blessings that have occurred in spite of me, but the me part was still a mess.

    This book, my first of hopefully many, takes a look at the things that I knew to be absolute in my world.  Now I can say that I was wrong, on many occassions, about many many things.  God has shown me that I now have a message to share with anyone that will listen. 

    My past was not a mistake, but a lesson that I had to learn.  Not an easy one, but as they say... only God can unscramble an egg.

"Unscrambling Eggs: My Journey With God", is book one of eight.  Stay tuned for the release of "The Wind and The Rock" 

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